Friday, July 13, 2012

[diy] mustache straws.

Can't deny a good mustache idea when I see one. Especially one that fits perfectly with the ChuChu Brunch + Tea Party I've helped host with my sister back in May. They def add a touch of fun and whimsy to a small tea party with minimal decor! 

For the mustache printout, I simply google image searched and picked out the 'staches I liked. As you can see, I've picked out two very stylish kinds. I then made multiple copies to fit one sheet of paper with the help of Photoshop. Print out.

Regular craft felt will not do. Craft felt with the sticky backs are found alongside the regular ones in the craft store. Make your life easier! Be sure to pick these suckers up! 

Mod Podge the entire backside of the sticky craft felt. 

 Hold up! Let's wait for the glue to dry a bit, shall we? Makes cutting a lot less messy.

Once you've successfully peeled off the paper from your 'stache, stick it to the straw, about 1 inch from the top. But wait! Not quite done yet! Grab another 'stache, peel that off, and align it with your already adhered 'stache, sticky back to sticky back, so both sides of the straw will have a nice felt mustache.

Oh yeah. Now we're talkin'. These mustache straws are not only functional, but also double as a fun picture prop. Imagine your next soiree, sippin' nonchalantly on your chosen poison, readily 'stached (or unibrowed) for a photo op! Makes for interesting pics!

besos ... jin.

{Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}
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