Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[diy] tissue pom pom cake toppers.

I've been riding a pom pom high of every variety lately and so my quest of pomizing everything led me to spruce up the Mother's Day mini cuppycakes I had made for my Mama Chu. I love this unique cake topper idea. Love love love it. One of my favorite cake topper twists out there. It's fresh and whimsical. Best part, my fellow creatives, it's non-mainstream!  Onwards, shall we!

First up, trace a circular object of desired size (I had used the base of a small wine glass) onto the tissue papers. I've seen others use a 2-inch circle craft punch, which in hindsight would have been a way easier method, but I didn't have such a cool tool on hand. Manual way, it is.

Note: Trace over a thick stack of tissue papers. It helps fluff up the pom poms in the later steps. 

If you forgo the craft punch method, cut out the traces by hand. Secure the stack of tissue circles by sewing them together.

Now cut close to the knot that you've just sewn, as shown above. You don't want to actually cut up to the knot. That would be a bad idea. And all that hard work up to this point would be moot. Moot. Don't do it, okay? (Jo, yeah, I'm talking to you.)

Alright, start fluffing! Fluff fluff fluff. If you've taken my advice earlier and traced over a thick stack of tissue papers, then you'll see why it's easier to fluff. Otherwise, you've just found out the hard way. With a thick stack, not only is it easier to fluff, but the pom will hold it's shape better - especially later down the road (gravity can be an evil presence).

Once all fluffed, get a glue gun and attach pom to skewer (of various lengths). Others have used double-sided tape, but in my experience, the tape didn't hold up very well as time progressed.

Looks good, innit? ;-) Now get out there and pomize your pastries!

besos ... jin.

{Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer.}
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