Tuesday, July 24, 2012

maternity photoshoot // liz + lance.

 Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.

A little outside my element with these nature shots, but we had to give this round to Lance. And you know what? It turned out not as bad as I had expected, considering we got lazy with the location research and settled with an okay choice: a doggie park / running trail besides Lady Bird Lake. >.< My main fear was that the drabby park didn't offer enough inspiration to work with and that I would be limited to normal and cliche shots. It was a bit tricky with all the morning joggers and their dogs, pooch poop all over the place, patches of dying grass, tons of cars in the background, rising temperatures, along with the morning dew on the grass that refuses to evaporate.  All those factors combined probably nixed 50% of the shots/angles that I had in mind!  But there were some surprising finds in the area. A weeping willow tree and a few bridges with really pretty wood of various hues.

The last photo session I had with Liz and Lance was their engagement shoot and I'm with Liz on this one.  It was full of color and dynamics, urban eclecticness and city imperfections, which is more me and Liz's style. But I'm game to step outside my comfort zone and test my camera eye! Challenge accepted!

Anyways, Liz, being 8 months preggy, was a trooper during our 1.5 hr long session. But then again, she did travel to London, Thailand, and Tokyo a few months back!  Wow! With Lance's sense of humor and Liz's creative non-mainstream style, mixed with both their sense of adventure and unconventional lifestyle, I have no doubt in my mind that Baby Avery will have one heck of a childhood. I'm kinda jealous of her already! Congrats Liz and Lance!

besos ... jin.
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