Thursday, September 27, 2012

[diy] handmade linen wedding bouquet.

I had every intention to sew my bouquet. There were so many cute ideas on the web, but none really inspired me until I saw Bonnie's handmade fabric bouquet from her December 2010 wedding. It was love at first sight! And perfectly fits the personality of the wedding that I was going for! So I hit up Bonnie, an ol' college friend of mine and a fellow indie bride, and shortly thereafter she responded with a slew of indie wedding information.

Bonnie, you're awesome!

Bonnie didn't have a template for me to follow (her mother kinda winged it as she sewed along) so I scoured the internet for similar templates. 

Here's the template that my bouquet was loosely based on. Of course, my version ended up being a floppy and much bigger version of a pansy, which was mainly due to limited fabric and not enough time to make actual life-size pansies. I had to cover the entire styrofoam ball pronto, hot-gluing every inch of that sucker, and this was what I came up with. Huge pearly centers added the final touch to my over-sized pansy. 
In hindsight, I should have used canvas or duck cloth, something with more weight and stiffness, which probably would have held the flower shape better.  I made my linen bouquet a week before we got married. The day after the wedding, the shape of the flowers totally went wonky. Blame it on humidity or careless storaging or both, they just went wonky. But salvageable. Had to get it all spruced up for a little girl's upcoming birthday. She gave me a little sass for not throwing the bouquet at her during the bouquet toss (which btw I had used real flowers for) and stomped over immediately afterwards to tell me so! Haha! Later, her mother said she had practiced catching all week. Now how could I not give these to her? Totally adorbs! She had worked so hard for them!
Anyways, it was fun while it lasted!  A lil 6 year old name Nattie has it now. =)

besos ... jin.  

{First 3 pics by me, the rest done by Mrs Baotran Gia Pham of Red Fly Photography}
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