Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[diy] wedding cake toppers.

One fine (slightly overcast, slightly rainy, but eventually kinda sunny) November day, almost a year ago, V and I got married. In true Jincent style, no less. ;-) Before the process of wedding planning, I knew I wanted an unconventional wedding - full of laidback tones, fun vibes, a touch of frivolity, Alice in Wonderlandish whimsy - with our creative personality unhindered, shamelessly throwing tradition (well, most of what I could get away with) out the window.  Swoosh! So in a quest to be THAT offbeat bride planning an 'unbridaled' DIY wedding in a world of fine bridal foofy foofs, I created a DIY album on Facebook (cheekily named 'I DO!' It Yourself Bride) to keep track of most of my never-ending wedding DIY projects. (In hindsight, I may have gotten a bit ambitious ... maybe.) The album got immensely popular, with friends I haven't heard from in 10 years suddenly commenting away to friends of friends messaging me kind words of how I became a creative inspiration to them to people I've never met cheering me on and asking for tips/advice. Now nearing that one year anniversary, I thought it would be fitting to post to the world my wedding DIYness for the next couple of months. And to see just how delirious I was in cramming thismany lovingly-made-by-hand craft ideas for a wedding of roughly 250. This kind of ambitious planning was really meant for a wedding of 50. Oh well, maybe my next wedding. ;-)
First up, DIY bride + groom cake toppers. Thankfully various sellers on Etsy offer mini DIY cake topper kits for a fraction of the price. Not only is it way cheaper, you can also go crazy on the customizations of your little people. You'll just need to dedicate some time and a bit of creativity. 

FYI: Err, lay off that glass of wine. *Ahem* Found out the hard way. =X
Pre-made bride and groom pegs go for ~$50-$70 on Etsy.  The really fancy ones break the $100 mark. Wow. For cake toppers??! Why not save a bit of money and do it yourself?

 Painting the little people only took a couple of hours. So easy!
 Voila! Now let's talk accessories. We gotta spruce up the Mini Vince + Mini Jin! 
Here, I slapped on a vintage-ish faux diamond flower button (Hobby Lobby) to keep things interesting and tucked in a bit of mesh. All secured down with a hot glue gun. Done and done. Instant birdcage veil. 
The mini Diana F+ lomo cam (Ebay) added the final touch to the Mini Jin. Originally blue, I painted it hot pink to match my own life-size Diana F+ and hot-glued a tiny strip of black ribbon for straps.

 Yeah, that mini dSLR is a 1/6 scale model of the real thing. Complete with 3 detachable lenses, removable lens hoods, and a tiny T-rex to model the goods. All cop'd from Photojojo.
Cuteness overload, I know.  Again, black ribbon was hot-glued on for straps.

 And finally, our cake topper set-up isn't complete without a few of Jincent's favorite places.
 Here are a couple of wedding day photos of the cake toppers in all their glory. 
I ain't gonna lie, we look good.
Hope this inspires you to make your own personalized wedding cake topper. It'll add a unique twist to your wedding cake (or wedding cupcake tower, if you're like us!) Besides, a lil extra moolah in your pocket ain't hurt nobody. ;-)

besos ... jin.

{Last two pics by Baotran Gia Pham of Red Fly Photography; Rest done by me}
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