Friday, September 28, 2012

[diy] wedding 'guest book' questionnaires.

Actually, I had another idea for a guest book, but that will be revealed later as a 'wedding album' instead. It required a bit more time and effort. So I made these instead with the help of Photoshop and a printer. Quick and easy. Plus these 'thought-provoking' questions gave way to some pretty interesting answers. It's amazing how many people wrote down their own birth date when asked the date of our first child. Haha! Oh yes. these were way more entertaining to read than the traditional wedding guest book with the generic comments!
By the end of the night, every inch of these questionnaires were filled with what I would say 90% creative responses. A lot of the guests were having fun with these! I love how much they were loving it! Definitely a unique guest book alternative if you're looking for a fun wedding twist!

besos ... jin.

{First picture by me; Rest by Mrs. BaoTran Gia Pham of Red Fly Photography.}


  1. Love this! Going to use at bridal shower. Thanks!

  2. I love these but where did you find the questions? Or did you just come up with your own?

  3. Love this as well! What were all of the questions you used?

  4. Would love to get a copy of the questions.


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