Saturday, September 22, 2012

[diy] wedding photo booth backdrop + props.

Yes indeedy, we set up our own photo booth.  My 5DII. Vince's printer, lappy, computer screen and light stand. Extra gear from our dear friend, George.  We had the equipment and we went for it, using the extra money we saved on handmade and vintage photo booth props, as well as other aspects of our wedding. With the technicalities all up to Vince, I set off on a mission to creatively set apart our photo booth from any other trendy photo booth themes that were hot on the wedding circuit. 
The backdrop is pretty much the heart and soul of our photo booth. It's my baby. I knew I wanted something fun, whimsical, eclectic - and so I took the pinwheel idea that I had done for my good friends Ray and Carmen's baby shower and went crazy with it. Like, crazy-crazy. Practically bought out Texas Art Supply's paper crazy. With the help of Miss Hanhsters, one of my bffs from college, my vision of frolicking in trippy pinwheel surrealism came into fruition. And you know what? I wanted to make more, more, more! 

Er, Vince had to put a stop to the madness. 

... still wish I could have made more. =X
Before y'all say anything mainstreamy about these props, let me tell you guys a short story.  I had planned to make these for a photoshoot I was asked to do back in September 2010, but time being the bane of my existence (again!), I ended up buying these off Etsy.  Inevitably, photoshoot never happened and the couple moved to NYC, but since I had these already, I figured I'd used them for my own wedding. 

Who knew these suckers would be the new wedding trend for 2011?

So I was a bit bummed out.  Everybody had these for their photo booths! Then came along the vintage cam idea. 
Behold! My prized vintage and vintage-ish camera collection. 

All thanks to Ebay and Urban Outfitters. It was this or an Alice in Wonderland theme, but I had these already, so why not? Prop collection, complete!
We wanted the pictures to print out polaroid-style, but we ran into a few problems. One of them being unable to provide guidelines for people to cut along, so some of the pics looked like they had a white even border instead. Ah well. They were still a hit. People loved writing on these and hanging them up on our clothespin tree!
The weight from all the pictures made our left branch turn around in place! 
Creating the photo booth has got to be one of my fave wedding DIY projects. And judging from the pix the day after, it looked like everyone had fun!  Photo booth zanyness at it's finest!

besos ... jin.

{First four pics by me; The rest by Baotran Gia Pham of Red Fly Photography}
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