Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[diy] wine bottle wedding centerpieces.

Using wine bottles as centerpieces was kind of a no-brainer since we have a deep, undying love for the red. Borderline addiction, really. So it was fitting for V and I to incorporate it into our wedding. Not only were wine bottles part of our centerpieces, they were scattered about the entire venue, from the dessert table to the photobooth to the welcome table. Even our open bar offered 3 kinds of vino from one of our favorite Texas vineyards. If people didn't know that we love wine thismuch, then they found out on that fine November day. ;-)
So here we are.  Feast your eyes on 150+ wine bottles.  Amassed in a very short time.  

And yeah, we needed them all.

Wine bottles came from various sources: personal collection, engagement party, wine lounges, fellow winos, a friend going through a divorce. (Thanks, Long! You don't have a drinking prob. Not at all!)
Collecting the wine bottles was the insanely easy part.  Then there was the not so insanely easy part. Removal of the wine labels. We've tried all the popular methods circulating the internet: baking, steaming, ammonia soak, boiling, baking soda bath.

Nada.  Even James, the pyromaniac bro-in-law, attempted to burn them off.

After a month of unsuccessful massive cleanse trials, one clear winner did pop up eventually.  Like, why wasn't this method suggested in the first place??!  Oi.  Mind boggling.  So OxiClean to the rescue (discovered on YouTube by JoJo), albeit a little late to the game, but that's okay.  And coupled with Hanh's potent Goo Gone spray, holy cow! The process became a thousand times easier!   

Of course, this was before Miss Sorida the Sommelier gave us heads up on the special wine label remover they use at the restaurant. >.< Shnikies.
On to the branches, which were gathered from an overgrown lot across the street from our condo. Practically right on our front step.  How nice. Hey, why buy them when nature so kindly provided them?
 Free wine bottles. Free Branches. Free is good. ;-)
Ah, then there were the table numbers, which were cut from paper we had found at Michaels / Hobby Lobby then tied onto the bottles using twine. If I had more time, I would have liked to go for a more eclectic numbering idea. But of course I needed to allocate time and attention to other important DIY projects. Le sigh. Where is the gift of time when you need it?? 
Same goes to the paper flowers adorning the branches.  I wanted to do a fancy shmancy paper flower arrangement, but seeing as to how I needed roughly 100 of these, it didn't seem efficient to slave hours upon hours for something that ended up being a last minute DIY project. (Due to laziness, part indecisiveness.)  

You can see that time management and planning are not my strongest assets. >.<
Anyhoo, I had used this template to make the tissue paper flowers. Adding pearly centers made for nice finishing touches. 
In the end, everything about my centerpieces did not go according to plan. The eclectic, urban, surreal Alice in Wonderlandish idea - yah, never happened.  I didn't even have time to go antique / flea market shopping for tea cups and vessels to flank these wine bottles!  C'est la vie. But hey, I'm still pretty happy with what spontaneously transpired at the last minute. With that said, don't wait til the last minute! 

besos ... jin. 

{First pic + Last two pics by Baotran Gia Pham of Red Fly Photography; Rest done by me}

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