Tuesday, September 25, 2012

happy seven years!

 Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.

Who knew it would take Hurricane Rita and a ridonkulous 19 hour evacuation mission from Houston to Austin to get things rollin'?  That was 7 years ago, today, and ever since then V and I have been riding one heck of a rollercoaster, hand-in-hand and eyes wide shut, from country to country, adventure to (mis)adventure, small dreams to big dreams. Yep, we gots quite the unconventional courting ritual throughout the years, but hey, keeps things interesting! Here's to 7 more years of the little moments, amusing whimsies, nonstop laughter ... anything and everything!  And especially looking forward to tonight's home cooked dindin paired with vino while our fave indie tunes plays in the background. Ok, this happens most nights, but isn't everyday spent together just as special? ;-)

besos ... jin.
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