Tuesday, September 11, 2012

photo diary // austin farmers market.

I love busy weekends and this past weekend was no exception. Full of good company, good food, good fun. Another foozball win under UT's belt. Yup, life is pretty dang good! To start the weekend off, V and I finally made it out to the Austin Farmers Market after months and months of just talking about going. (100 degree summer days may have something to do with it. Hey! You'd be all talk and no action, too!) It's been awhile since we've been. Years. And as luck may have it, cold front moves through and temperatures dip down to a very breezy and uber comfy low 80's. So we pounced on the opportunity, called a few friends, and prepped up for the hunt. Rollaway picnic basket. Check. Picnic blankie. Check. Giant water bottle. Check. Aaand away we go!
Gah. I love eggplants. And I especially love taking photos of them. Something about that deep-hued purpleness, complementary green bit, the tear-drop shape. It's sexy, ya'll. So heads up peoples, you'll be seeing a lot more eggplant love in future farmers market romps.
 This little guy reminds me of Ponchito the Chihuahua, my bro-in-law's old doggie. Whaddap, pooch!
 Can't. resist. fiddle players.
 We picked up a baguette to pair with our pate and goat cheese finds. Wished we had picked up two!
 Another thing that I love about farmers markets: all the hippies and hipsters come out and play! They know what's up.
 Mmm, okra. It's on my top 20 list of veggies I dig. V, notsomuch.
 Keep Austin green!
 Ooo. Now we're talking.
 We cop'd some of that pate maison and it's dee-vine.
 Feeling like spring on a summer's day.
 I walk around with ze baguette like so. Oui oui.
 Lunching and picnicing with our farmers market finds.
 That's garlic and chive chevre. Oh-em-gee. Goat cheese has never tasted so good.
Finally, nothing ends a morning of farmers market adventures like FREE horchata. Bottom of the barrel stuff, but whatevs, it's free. Still tasted delish. Thaaank you kind horchata vendor for satisfying my horchata cravings! Til next farmers market romp, friends!

besos ... jin.

{Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}
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