Wednesday, September 26, 2012

birthday photoshoot // surprise birthday balloons.

So my addiction with Pinterest has brought out the girly in me and I suddenly want to do all these insanely cool DIY projects that I can't afford. Like all the time. You can see how this could be a problem ... for Vince. Hah! Fortunately I can afford this particular balloon idea and the only person I could really do this kind of stuff for is my sister. So last week, I patiently waited till her birthday rolled around the corner. Then I pounced.
Talk about a real birthday surprise the moment you open your eyes, waking up to a bunch of balloons with snapshots of memories attached to the strings. It was a nice idea ... in theory. Just a few small problems foiled this plan. I couldn't exactly execute on keeping the balloons alive throughout the night and I wasn't about to invest in a helium tank. Plus, I ain't gonna lie, I couldn't wake up early enough to get the plan rolling. =X
So the next best thing was to wait til later in the day to set up the big birthday balloon surprise.  With a few tweaks worked in. Like surprising a fully awake JoJo instead of a sleepy one. And ya know what? Sister was still surprised the second she opened the door to her master bedroom! Wide-eyed and in awe!
That's JoJo and her 'Whoa!' look. 
That's Pablo the MinPin and his 'What do you mean it's not my birthday??' look. 
 There's something about colorful balloons that brings the kid out in ya! Wee!
Love this moment! Caught her taking it all in while gazing at the pictures. 
Yup, that dog is still wondering if it's his birthday. I think he thinks it is. 
I think that feeling of waking up to such a surprise would have been priceless! Ah well, maybe y'all have better luck. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that owning your own helium tank may be involved.
She was so surprised, she fell asleep! Happy Birthday JoJo and Happy Unbirthday Pablo!

besos ... jin.

{Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}
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