Monday, October 1, 2012

[diy] bridal garter.

The garter, before the Jin treatment.

The garter was accidentally acquired from Lisa's wedding 8 years ago. (As modeled here by Pablo the Min Pin. Obviously he don't mind.)  She's now recently divorced, but ya know, whatevs. I'd still wear it! Love ya, Lis! So about that accidental part, let's backtrack a bit, shall we. Story time!:

If you have no desire of ever catching a bouquet (especially fresh out of a 3.5 year relationship), it's best not to stand in or around or near the landing radius of a flying bouquet. Yeah. I didn't get that memo. Kinda find out the hard way, in fact. So, here's the deal, clearly hanging out behind a group of girls ready to vie for flowers was not a good idea. Well at the time I thought it was a good idea. How often does the bouquet make it's way past 20 girls, right??  So here I was, looking around, wondering if the bouquet hoopla was over (the venue was quite loud with chatter) when suddenly the whole crowd loudly gasped.  I turned around and saw an airborne bouquet missile incoming at an unusually rapid speed (Lisa, you totally muscled that one!).  By the time I realized the bouquet had made it's way high above the group towards the back, straight for my nose, it was too late. It had already latched onto my pinky finger as I held up my hands to block my face whilst running away. >.<

That was in 2004. Til this day, I'm still a bit baffled. Like, how'd that happened?! But hey, at least my garter has a story!
 The new and improved garter.

To spruce things up, Lisa's garter underwent the Jin treatment.  I simply snipped away some extra fabric, then sewn in vintage-ish flowers/buttons found from Hobby Lobby. Voila! Hit FOUR birds with one stone: 

Something old. Something new. 
Something borrowed. Something blue.

besos ... jin.
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