Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[diy] hand-sewn save the date announcement.

Our laziness came to a point where people started to ask when the big day is. On a daily basis. That's how late we've waited. So at the time when the real invitations were suppose to be mailed out, we sent these instead.

Upon receiving the printed version, I was a bit underwhelmed. They were nice ... and normal. Nicely normal. Normally nice. To make things interesting, Lil Chu and I patiently stitched by hand red/pink hearts into the card stock.

We had our Save The Dates printed through Vistaprint, which we found to be one of the cheaper options for printing 200 postcard-size announcements. A heart-shaped cardboard was placed over the '11.13.11' and used as a guide to poke holes into the announcement with a safety pin, resulting in a dotted outline of a heart. We then sewed this really pretty red ombre nylon thread from Hobby Lobby along the dotted heart outline. The nylon thread is a bit thick and so a needle with a really big eye will have to be used. 
As you can see, we made sure the back of the card matched up perfectly with the '11.13.11'.  Pretty nifty, eh? I love how this simple hand sewn heart gives an inexpensive personalized touch to an otherwise normal announcement!

besos ... jin.
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