Thursday, October 4, 2012

[diy] mr + mrs glittered notion wedding banners.

These bad boys hung on the back of our chairs during V and I's wedding reception. It cost me a mere $3 and 15 minutes to make, as opposed to BHLDN's $68 version. Now how are those $68?? Must be some bad ass glitter. 
All materials are from Hobby Lobby: the ribbon, the glitter papers, the single hole punch.  Even the 8" paper mache letter template was from Hobby Lobby. And yup, I sat on the Hobby Lobby floor tracing the paper mache letters onto regular paper. The letters were maximized a bit using a photo copier and then transferred onto glitter paper. Thanks to Hanhster's mad cutting skills, these notion banners were made in record time. =) Selective hole punches and ribbon was all that was left to do.
What a tres chic looking couple, eh? ;-)  Looking fancy shmancy (and just like the real thing!) for only a few bucks!

besos ... jin.

{First pic by me; The rest by BaoTran Gia Pham of Red Fly Photography}
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