Monday, November 5, 2012

honey bear + bumblebee baby shower.

Last Saturday, me and my lovely co-hosts, Jan + Kristine, showered one of our bestest and funnest and awesomest Austin couples with lots of honey love. Inspiration behind the baby shower theme was pulled from Annie + George's fun-loving personality, and so yellow was the obvious color choice to play around with. I chose honey bears and bumblebees 'cause, ya know, can't get much yellower than that! I must say, collaborating with the girls has seriously made this planning experience one of the most enjoyable baby showers I have ever helped put together! I love how we each contributed our own personal style and touches for a truly unique baby shower. 

And now on to some of the details I was able to capture, like Jan's Mini Peanut Butter + Honey Cuppycakes up above. Inspired by this recipe.
  Hand-written labels gave these honey bears a bit of pizzaz. Only took me 15 minutes to make!
Kristine's Nilla Wafers with Nutella on the left; Seasonal macarons on the right from one of my fave macaron spots in town, La Boite.
Tita Nora's Lumpia Shanghai-ness.
This pooch. First in line! Party's not starting in another hour, Brie-to!
Snagged these yellow stripey straws from Etsy.
Jan's Honey Cookie Favors on the left; Various juices from World Market / Central Market on the right.
Jan's Bacon Wrapped Mini Potatoes.
Vince's Mini Mac 'N Cheese Bites.
The Beehive Buffet Tablescape. I really enjoyed decorating and setting this up! 
DIY Yellow Chevron Letter. Details mentioned on my baby shower instapeek post.
DIY Pinwheels recycled from my wedding.
DIY 'Honey' Jars. The real honey jars were a bit pricey and so it was much more cost-effective to mix tea and gatorade instead. Looks like real honey!
Worker bee hostesses with Queen Bee.
Buzz on over to the buffet table, says the Parents-to-Bee!
Party in the Beehive!
Food's sweet as honey. 
Crowd's buzzing with chatter.
It's all the buzz! That ain't chocolate in that diaper, Frank. ;-)
Baby Giono is due late November / early December. One more month to go! Annie + George are fellow world travelers and foodie adventurists who are willing to try anything and everything ... at least twice! Truly kindred spirits of Jincent's! They are some of the most open-minded, laid-back, non-judgemental people I know, and there's no doubt in my mind that Baby Giono will be one, too. Can't wait for the little guy to get here! I can already tell he's gonna be one cool dude to hang out with in the near future! 

besos ... jin.

{Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}
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