Friday, November 2, 2012

lookbook shnook :: paella dinner party.

F21 military coat, F21 sweater, By Corpus chambray button down shirt, American Eagle jeans, Target booties, F21 glasses, F21 brass bracelets, Target pink bracelet. 

We had an awesome mini paella dinner party at Annie + George's last Friday night, which btw, is the perfect meal for a chilly cold front that moved through that same day. It's def among the best of the best comfort foods for such weather! We started off with a bit of Manchego cheese and chorizo, followed by croquettes, went in for the paella kill, and finished off with a bottle of red and almond tarts. All homemade. All very nomlicious. And all very nostalgic. Everything about that meal took me down taste bud memory lane and back to the days when I had lived adventurously in Spain for three months. The endless chatter flow, the nonstop laughter, the deep appreciation for life, the adventurous spirit for exotic food - all shared with friends and vino.  Just like the dinners I had every night in Spain. Yah, those nightly dinner rituals - it's not a bad thing! I miss that about the Old World!
 Now I leave you with V. On his way to paella-palooza at Annie + George's. Their paella is THAT good!

besos ... jin. 
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