Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{foodie instadventure} sweet paris creperie.

foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.
foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.
foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.
foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.
foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.
foodie instadventure: sweet paris creperie.
For weeks various friends have been raving about a new creperie in Houston. Possibly the best in town, they say. Nice. Can't argue with that! I do loves me a good crepe. And with crepes being among my top 30 foodie noms, I had to give it a go. So a group of us moseyed on over this past Sunday for brunch. And yah, this place most def lives up to it's hype!

Between the six of us, our crepe massacre consisted of: Truffled Caprese Crepe, Chicken Carbonara Crepe, a couple of Nordic Crepes, The Feast Crepe, Argentine Dulce de Leche Crepe, espresso, hot coffee, Iced Mayan Chocolate and Spiced Chai Latte. A little bit of sweet, a whole lot of savory, six very happy tummies and a ton of high praise. This may be my new favorite creperie in Houston!

besos ... jin.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

lookbook // january cool.

pops of blue.
pops of blue.
pops of blue.
H&M teal beanie, UO leather jacket, F21 sweater, American Eagle jeans, F21 boots. 

I'm diggin' these F21 brown boots I've picked up a month ago.  And ever since then, I can't. stop. wearing them! Such a refreshing change from the ubiquitous riding boots and uggs these days! Stylish, oh-so-comfortable ... and cute to boot. Hah! Yah, I just said that! Happy hump day, homies!

besos ... jin.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{giveaway} by crave photography.

Crave Photography is giving away a 50mm 1.4 lens and an online mentoring session to jump start your business. What a way to kick off the new year, eh? Enter here to win. Giveaway ends 1/17. Good luck, ya'll!

besos ... jin.

(P.S. -- Thanks to Stephanie for the heads up!)

Monday, January 14, 2013

new year's resolution #4: nesting.

new year's resolution #4: get on top of home decor.
4 -- Get serious about home decorating. 
I've been living at this condo for a year now. It maaay be time to, you know, make it homey. All year round I've been pinteresting and oohing and ahhing at pretty things from the likes of West Elm and UO, as well as stalking some of my fave design blogs: sf girl by the bay, Style by Emily Henderson, A Beautiful Mess, decor8, etc. I really must sit down, organize the hundreds and hundreds of decor ideas I've collected and ... commit! And just to make my life easier, it wouldn't hurt to win this #UOxGIRLS contest in the meantime. ;-) (Pick me! Pick me!)

Nesting 2013. It's happening. For real this time. Let's do this!

besos ... jin.

{Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}

Friday, January 11, 2013

new year's resolution #3: blog efficiently.

new year's resolution #3: blog efficiently.
3 -- Blog smart and efficiently.
This is something I have been struggling with since getting back into the blogging game 6 months ago.  Most of my bloggage is done in my tiny living room where my makeshift office lives. But then there's the comfy couch for a quick nap and the tv to check what's good and the kitchen is 5 steps away for a nibble. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a gal pal calls. Yup. Game over. So why the living room and not our room where my inspiration mood board hangs out? Lots of natural lighting! Then there's the issue of blogging at odd hours of the day, when I should be running errands or editing pictures. >.< I need a consistent blogging schedule. Bad.

So until I get my dream office in our future dream house, looks like I have to revert to my ol love affair with coffeehouses. Away from distractions and surrounded by caffeinated inspiration and hipster creativity. All to be done in the morning. That's right. Giving resolution #1 a boost! So I'mma wake up at 8am (yet to be done) and work out (yet to be done) and start blogging/editing at one of my beloved coffeehouse stomps before lunch time rolls around. Wish me luck!

besos ... jin.

{Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}

Thursday, January 10, 2013

new year's resolution #2: take more daily pix.

new year's resolution #2: more daily pix with my 5dmII.
... with my slr, that is. Which brings me to my next new year's goal:

2 -- Snap more daily pix with my 5dmII.
With the conveniency of the camera phone, who needs to lug around a dslr? Instant gratification, instant post processing, instant upload to anything, anywhere, anytime. Boom. What's not to like about that? I, myself, have pulled in ~10,000 pics these past few years with the help of 10 camera apps. =X Ahem. Yah, that's right, taking conveniency to the next level! Camera phone addict right here! (Long distance high five, fellow Droidographers!) Which means, I only reserve the dslr for photoshoots and special events.

But I would like to improve on the technicalities of photography. And the best way to do that is to bring my baby, my 5dmII, everywhere with me. I have an awesome camera bag masquerading as a purse, so I really have no excuse. In the 2013, blog less phone photos and more slr ones.  I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it! (That's me motivating myself. Maaaybe even convincing myself. >.<) Here goes!

besos ... jin.

{Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new year's resolution #1: monthly goals.

new year's resolution #1: start off with small.
 Picture by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts. 
So it started with an eye irritation from a self-inflicted eye pokage. Just enough damage to walk around with a red swollen eye for a few days. Followed by a mild case of the cold which I'm currently trying to shake off. All in the past week. Fantabulous start to 2013, eh? The only good that came of these minor setbacks (omens?? =/)  was that it gave me the gift of time to contemplate on 2013 expectations. Gotta think optimistically, yah? 'Cause it's way too early for bad juju! Alrighty, here we go!:

1 -- Starting off small with monthly goals.
To shake things up in our 2nd year of marriage (and to keep us on our wedded bliss toes!), V and I thought it would be more realistic to set monthly goals. We all know how quickly those broad wishy-washy yearly resolutions fizzle out and so this was a way to keep us on track. Like I said, starting off small:

Jincent's goals for the month of January:
- Cook a new international dish every week.
- Work out a few times a week.
- Practice Spanish for a minimum of 8-10 hrs a week.

My personal January goal:
- Wake up earlyish. Ideally 8ish. I love all the romantic notions of early day starts and come to realize that I prefer to work out and do all my mini adventures in the morning. Some of my most creative moments are during this time of day! Problem is, I'm totally not a morning person. >.< Oi. I ain't gonna lie. This ain't gonna be easy.

A little underwhelming, I know. Baby steps, mang, baby steps. Next month we are upping the ante and def adding to this list. Resolution #2 tomorrow!

besos ... jin. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

holiday instaweek 2012.

instaholiday: good morning, houston!
Crazy busy last week of 2012 (eee!) in Houston! Here we go!:
instaholiday: sweet with sister.
1 -- Started off the week with a couple of Christmas get-togethers, a photoshoot and a spontaneous macaron adventure with the sissy at Sweet in City Centre. I love coming here! Aside from the delicious treats, I love just looking at their pretty urban decor. Def one of me and my sister's fave macaron shoppes in town!
instaholiday: starbucks with hanh.
2 -- Met up with Miss Hanh for a late nite coffee chat at Starbucks in the Galleria. 
24hr Starbucks are most awesome!
instaholiday: korean restaurant with liz.
3 -- Ah, then there was the Korean soul food adventure with Liz at Han Mi Jung Korean Diner on Blalock.
Tol Sot Bibimbap FTW!
instaholiday: korean restaurant with liz.
3 1/2 -- I couldn't resist. More pix of Liz and I's Korean foodie adventure! This is how much I love (and craved!) Tol Sot Bibimbap!
instaholiday: hmart with liz.
4 -- After the Bibimbap massacre, Liz and I headed to Hmart to do some quick grocery shopping before grabbing a late afternoon coffee jolt at Tous Les Jours. Kimchee for Liz, pomegranates for me.
instaholiday: tous les jours with liz.
4 1/2 -- And here we are at Tous Les Jours. Coffee for Liz, Hot Jasmine Tea for me.
instaholiday: empire cafe with brian + louise.
5 -- The foodie adventures continue! Saturday brunch with one of Jincent's fave jetsettin' (and highly entertaining) couples, Brian + Louise, at Empire Cafe. Highly recommend the Italian Toast with Cafe Au Lait!
instaholiday: petite sweets.
6 -- Oh yes. Another macaron adventure! This time at another local fave, Petite Sweets. They have one of the yummiest pistachio macarons out there!
instaholiday: agora with gkat + liz.
7 -- We do love our late night coffee chats. Met up with Kat, Gary + Liz at Agora for a midnight snack. Er, more like a meal. We all guzzled down tea and beer and coffee, while scarfing down cookies and truffles and wasabi-coated peas and lumpia.
instaholiday: bbq korean garden.
8 -- Aaand one more last meal before heading back to Austin. More Korean soul food at BBQ Garden Korean! And that there, my friends, is another Tol Sot Bibimbap. I guess it's no secret that it is one of my favorite Korean dishes. I could eat this stuff, like, everyday! =X

Whew!  What a way to close out 2012! Good company, good foodie advenures, good visual eye-candy! Here's to more adventures in the 2013!

besos ... jin.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy 2013!

new year's 2013 at zaid's.
2013 already?? Blimey. I'm still stuck in 2009! Here's to a fantabulous 2013!
Besitos ... Jincent.
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