Wednesday, January 2, 2013

holiday instaweek 2012.

instaholiday: good morning, houston!
Crazy busy last week of 2012 (eee!) in Houston! Here we go!:
instaholiday: sweet with sister.
1 -- Started off the week with a couple of Christmas get-togethers, a photoshoot and a spontaneous macaron adventure with the sissy at Sweet in City Centre. I love coming here! Aside from the delicious treats, I love just looking at their pretty urban decor. Def one of me and my sister's fave macaron shoppes in town!
instaholiday: starbucks with hanh.
2 -- Met up with Miss Hanh for a late nite coffee chat at Starbucks in the Galleria. 
24hr Starbucks are most awesome!
instaholiday: korean restaurant with liz.
3 -- Ah, then there was the Korean soul food adventure with Liz at Han Mi Jung Korean Diner on Blalock.
Tol Sot Bibimbap FTW!
instaholiday: korean restaurant with liz.
3 1/2 -- I couldn't resist. More pix of Liz and I's Korean foodie adventure! This is how much I love (and craved!) Tol Sot Bibimbap!
instaholiday: hmart with liz.
4 -- After the Bibimbap massacre, Liz and I headed to Hmart to do some quick grocery shopping before grabbing a late afternoon coffee jolt at Tous Les Jours. Kimchee for Liz, pomegranates for me.
instaholiday: tous les jours with liz.
4 1/2 -- And here we are at Tous Les Jours. Coffee for Liz, Hot Jasmine Tea for me.
instaholiday: empire cafe with brian + louise.
5 -- The foodie adventures continue! Saturday brunch with one of Jincent's fave jetsettin' (and highly entertaining) couples, Brian + Louise, at Empire Cafe. Highly recommend the Italian Toast with Cafe Au Lait!
instaholiday: petite sweets.
6 -- Oh yes. Another macaron adventure! This time at another local fave, Petite Sweets. They have one of the yummiest pistachio macarons out there!
instaholiday: agora with gkat + liz.
7 -- We do love our late night coffee chats. Met up with Kat, Gary + Liz at Agora for a midnight snack. Er, more like a meal. We all guzzled down tea and beer and coffee, while scarfing down cookies and truffles and wasabi-coated peas and lumpia.
instaholiday: bbq korean garden.
8 -- Aaand one more last meal before heading back to Austin. More Korean soul food at BBQ Garden Korean! And that there, my friends, is another Tol Sot Bibimbap. I guess it's no secret that it is one of my favorite Korean dishes. I could eat this stuff, like, everyday! =X

Whew!  What a way to close out 2012! Good company, good foodie advenures, good visual eye-candy! Here's to more adventures in the 2013!

besos ... jin.
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