Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 days, 3 DIY projects.

Took a break from all the pic editing to do a few uber simple DIY projects in some of my favorite color combos. Got red, pink + gold hues on my mind!
DIY: february 2013 paint chip calender.
1 -- DIY February 2013 Paint Chip Calendar.
Other than using them as various gift tags, I finally found another use for all those extra paint chips I've collected. So diggin' this idea. It's simple (took 5 minutes), inexpensive (free!) and adds a pop of color to my inspiration mood board (pow!). Now if only they were Pantone! Le sigh!

Tip: It's all about the Glue Dots. Double-sided tape won't cut it!

DIY: valentine cards.
DIY: valentine cards.
2 -- DIY Valentine Cards. 
For my closest gal pals in my life. =) This is what loads of brown cards, extra glittery gold birds from my wedding, leftover pink acrylic paint, a wine cork and a lil Mod Podge can do. It's as easy and straightforward as it looks!

DIY: birthday gift wrapping.
3 -- DIY Birthday Gift Wrapping.
I love the idea of buying a roll of brown paper (which has lasted me for years and shows no sign of running out anytime soon) and creating any design for any occasion at any time. For Liz's Birthday, an empty tube of toilet paper and pink acrylic paint was all I needed to guzzy up this brown paper. Red ombre nylon string to finish it off and voila! Only 10 minutes of my life came and went. =)

Til next DIY adventure, crafting homies!

besos ... jin.

{Pictures by Jin Chu Ferrer of Contradiction of Sorts.}


  1. love the calendar..totally lovely...
    i can wait to doll up my tokyo small place soon

    1. thnx, love! can't wait to visit y'all in japan! hopefully it'll be soon - it's been almost 4 years since i was last in tokyo! >.<

  2. found this link from your photo in flickr. The DIY is a good idea and I'm glad that I found it 'cause I'm looking for something to do with my spare time. And I read the rest of your blog! A new follower here! :)

    1. wow! thnx, enon, for the love and support! i've checked out your blog, too, and i'm really diggin' your camera eye! consider me a new follower as well. =)


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