Tuesday, February 19, 2013

lookbook // valentine's lunch date.

valentine's day outfit 2013.
valentine's day outfit 2013.
valentine's day outfit 2013.
F21 denim shirt, UO skirt, UO stockings, UO heels, F21 necklace. 

Just something I wore for a Valentine's lunch date with the hubster. Albeit, it was spent at home over a home-cooked meal. (Hey, who doesn't dress up for that?) But I was determined to wear this ensemble out and so I waited and waited til dinner time rolled around. 7:30p. Boba at Coco's Cafe. Dinner at Ramen Tatsu-ya. Drive-In Movie Theater to cap off the evening. You bet I was ready. What I wasn't ready for was the drastic drop in temperature once the sun disappeared. Accompanied by a nice breeze. All courtesy of Mother Nature. I guess she didn't get the memo that it was Valentine's day, 'cause otherwise I wouldn't have made that quick outfit change into something warmer! Yo Mother Nature, let's get it right next year, yah?

besos ... jin.

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