Thursday, March 28, 2013

throwback travel thursdays // morocco 2007.

V and I squeezed in a mini trip to Marrakesh, Morocco in between my move from Salamanca to Madrid back in 2007. (Yes! I was a European for a bit!) Here are a few scenes of our first time in Africa!

 photo IMG_8523_zps2af3a8cf.jpg
 photo IMG_8545dup_zpsd63fabf2.jpg
 photo IMG_7525dup_zpsaab4ac1f.jpg
 photo IMG_8557-3_zps7b634383.jpg
 photo IMG_8578_zps92ade108.jpg
 photo IMG_8583dup-2_zps31faeb10.jpg
 photo IMG_8608dup-2_zpse480dfc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8633_zpsb9ad38a3.jpg
 photo IMG_8636-2_zps9223e4e9.jpg
 photo IMG_8638_zps747026fa.jpg
 photo IMG_8641_zps74c28bed.jpg
 photo IMG_7598_zpsa68b3a84.jpg
 photo IMG_7632_zps655dd46a.jpg
 photo IMG_7664-4_zps26f6ee3f.jpg
 photo IMG_7678dup-3_zpsf9dd5364.jpg
 photo IMG_8681-5_zps035ade81.jpg
 photo IMG_8702_zps85e077e4.jpg
 photo IMG_8718_zpsf65ceb7e.jpg

besos ... jin.
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