Tuesday, April 30, 2013

it's almost summer?

could've sworn april just started. o.O
DIY purple ombre paint chip calendar for the month of April.

Hard to believe, eh? I could've sworn April just begun! What the heezy. Anywho, with Time not playing nice and fast forwarding on me, I'll be taking a much needed blogging break sometime next week. Gotta catch up on various photography projects and Getty Images photo contributions so I can actually tackle non-photography stuff! That be nice! In the meantime: eat, drink, dream + explore. Copiously. ;-)

besos ... jin.


  1. i've been meaning to make one of those paint chip calendars, but frame it behind glass so I could wipe it down and redo it without getting new chips every month. really like yours though! SO colorful! :)

    1. thanks, isabella! i've seen those paint chip + glass frame calendar concepts popping up all over pinterest. =) love it! though i like the flexibility of changing out the paint chip colors every month. i get bored of the same color, lol!


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