Thursday, May 30, 2013

throwback travel thursdays // malaysia 2009.

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Kuala Lumpur was a welcomed change after the 4 most boring days spent in Singapore. None of these pristine concrete jungle of sorts and constant shopping in swank malls and endless eating. I could do that in Houston. Even the insufferable humidity felt like I had never left Houston! But in KL, it was all about the nitty gritty trekkage across the unpolished city with loads of mesmerizing Islamic-influenced architecture and wafting scents from dilapidated street food stalls. Yah, you def don't see that in Houston. Not to mention that everything in KL was just a fraction of the price compared to S'pore! Hellz yah! It made our time in KL a much more adventurous experience, trying everything and anything we came across. Fish spa, Petronas Twin Towers tour, green tea donuts, foot massage? Why not? All uber cheap!

besos ... jin.
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