Friday, June 28, 2013

happy friday + let the summer photoshoots begin!

happy friday!

Heading to Houston this weekend to shoot the first of 4 engagement photoshoots lined up for this summer. It's gonna be a challenge working around this Texas heat, with the 100 degree days settling in and all. (The high today was 105!) But hey, it's not a bad way to spend most of my summer mornings and afternoons - indoors happily editing my little heart out, away from the scorching sun and unrelenting heat. I'll take that any (summer) day!

Anyhoo, anybody wondering what the heck happened to June?? Not just me? Mind-boggling stuff!

besos ... jin.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

throwback travel thursdays // france 2008.

 photo IMG_9701-2_zps4078b660.jpg
 photo IMG_9737_zps3054088d.jpg
 photo IMG_9738dup_zps1cc95c5c.jpg
 photo IMG_9740_zpsfd44afdd.jpg
 photo IMG_9743_zps10c24d99.jpg
 photo IMG_9761-3_zpse14f07d4.jpg
 photo IMG_9796_zps12c2e3a9.jpg
 photo IMG_9827_zps7dfd17cd.jpg
 photo IMG_9833_zps4e471a85.jpg
 photo IMG_9859_zps34e7fbf3.jpg
 photo IMG_9876_zpsac1ede9a.jpg
 photo IMG_9885dup_zpscf22cb05.jpg
 photo IMG_9890_zpsb8952876.jpg

Where are the actual pizzix of me and V at all these places, you ask? In the other external hard drive. Where they live. Yup.

So there you have it.

Laziness at it's finest!

Paris was full of unexpected adventures, but those are the best, innit? Makes for interesting stories. Like hunting down Ladurée after checking out the Eiffel Tower, only to realize you've hopped on the wrong train and suddenly find yourself in Versailles! Way way off, I know. Or being unable to get to your hostel in the 4th arrondissement because of a mob of people surrounding Notre Dame. Many minutes later the reason for the crowd zips pass ya on the street! The Popemobile!! (Oddly enough, we didn't see the pope at Vatican City. What gives?) Or finding out the hard way just how uber concentrated a Crepes Suzette gets to the last bite. Well, I'll never know. I gave the last bite to Vince once I've detected a sudden sharp alcoholic oranginess. *insert Vince gagging* That Grand Marnier sneaks up on ya!

But, oh! Paris! It really lives up to the charm those troubadours sing about! I'd go back just to walk the streets and revel in it's beauty!

besos ... jin.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{foodie adventure} lavender honey + black truffle parmesan butters.

lavender honey + black truffle parmesan.
lavender honey + black truffle parmesan.
lavender honey + black truffle parmesan.
lavender honey + black truffle parmesan.
lavender honey + black truffle parmesan.

A couple months ago I raved about these organic gourmet butter blends hand-crafted by Pam of Butter Business Bureau. Fast forward 2 months -- still raving! Now I don't enjoy my Lavender Honey (I love lavender anything!) + Black Truffle Parmesan (I LOVE truffle anything!) butters every morning. Only when I feel like fancifying my morning coffee or adding a twist to the occasional Sunday breakfast, but take it from me - a little bit of (4 ounce) tasty buttery heaven goes a long way!

besos ... jin.

Monday, June 24, 2013

photo diary // juan pelota cafe.

photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.
photo diary // juan pelota cafe.

This set is from one of 3 coffee shops that me and the hubsters checked out this past Saturday in a (weak) attempt to curb my trigger happiness. But because I'm nice, I'm sparing y'all the pic overload! I ain't gonna lie - this set's barely skimming the top, with me pulling in ~150 pix alone. =X Yeeeah. I'm still working on being more choosy with my camera eye, which I forgot the second I stepped into Juan Pelota! Oi. What to do when everything you see becomes a photograph?? 

besos ... jin.

Friday, June 21, 2013

happy summer solstice!

happy summer solstice!

Nothing says 'It's officially summer!' like a high of 97 in ATX today. Oof. Now, please excuse us while we find some ice cream for breakfast! Happy Summer Solstice Friday, y'all!

besos ... jin.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

throwback travel thursdays // mexico 2007.

 photo IMG_6867_zps4949d502.jpg
 photo IMG_6873_zps8d8d2551.jpg
 photo IMG_6878dup_zpsced1cd5b.jpg
 photo IMG_6879_zps8eadac08.jpg
 photo IMG_6882_zps2e8ecb64.jpg
 photo IMG_6966_zpsc5ab0e20.jpg
 photo IMG_6967_zpsec155a61.jpg
 photo IMG_6968trip_zps1a211e82.jpg
 photo IMG_6989_zps647a3c62.jpg
 photo IMG_6991_zps26aad169.jpg
 photo IMG_6996_zps7c2090bc.jpg

One last trip right before it became unsafe to cross the border. Unbeknownst to us at the time, but if we'd known, I'm pretty sure we would've stocked up on more tequila. Haha! (C'mon. Why else would you go to Juarez??) Thinking back on it now, it's crazy how easy it was to hop on over to Mexico from Texas! No passport, 35 cents to walk across, grab some tequila, 30 cents to walk back into Tejas. Repeat the next day. Repeat the 3rd day. Although getting caught up in a sandstorm whilst coming back into Texas on that last day sounds a bit ominous for things to come. I can now say I've been in a sandstorm, dust devil, hurricane, tornado, flood, drought AND snow ... in Texas! (Why I'm still living here is beyond me!)

besos ... jin.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{kitchen de ferrer} lavender panna cotta.

kitchen de ferrer // homemade lavender panna cotta.
kitchen de ferrer // homemade lavender panna cotta.

Oh yes, more lavender adventures in the Ferrer cocina! Panna Cotta with lavender. My new favorite summer dessert. I'd say this is one of my lavender success stories with minimal attempts involved. (You don't wanna know how many times I've tweaked the Lavender Latte and Lavender Lemonade recipes. Still tweaking, btw. =X) Not only is it light and leaves a hint of lavender on the tongue - kitchen time is, like, 20 minutes. Max. Any recipe that takes less than 30 minutes prep and cook and clean up time is def a keeper in my books! I had tried several recipes and found The Kitchn and Leite's Culinaria versions to be the yummiest. Though, one turned out to be too sweet, while the other too subtle. Sensing a bit of the ol' Goldilocks trend here, I ended up combining both recipes and tweaking some of the ratios (follow The Kitchn's recipe but with 1 tbsp gelatin powder, 1 tbsp lavender, 1/4 cup sugar). Juuust right.

Gonna tuck in more spoonfuls of panna cotta before yoga. Shameless, I know. Nomaste!

besos ... jin.

Friday, June 14, 2013

{kitchen de ferrer} lavender latte.


Been riding a lavender high lately and thanks to Mark's suggestion tried the Lavender Soy Latte from Bouldin Creek Cafe. Love at first sip! And ever since then I've been trying to recreate it at home with this and this recipe. After a few variations I've quickly realized the delicacy of the lavender flavor. It's really easy to overpower the lavender taste with espresso unless complimented with sugar or vanilla or honey (which I'm totally trying out in the upcoming experiments). I've also read that a little bit of lavender syrup or lavender flavor goes a long way, which I've, too, added to my arsenal of lavender coffee-making must haves. Here's hoping to achieve that right hint of lavender ... eventually!

More on the lavender coffee talk subject, I've been hearing how divine the Lavender Latte from Medina Cafe is in Vancouver. Can not wait to get my lips on it in September!

besos ... jin.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

throwback travel thursdays // brazil 2009.

 photo P1010594_zps6439f230.jpg
 photo P1010596_zpsb1964485.jpg
 photo P1010604_zps13a36c76.jpg
 photo P1010622_zps943c83a5.jpg
 photo CIMG9699_zps06fd6e1d-1.jpg
 photo P1010630_zps5d5185f2.jpg
 photo P1010672_zps4164b111.jpg
 photo P1010678_zpsb242e3af.jpg
 photo P1010688_zps03dbc1c2.jpg
 photo jesusredentor_zpscc43d95c.jpg
 photo P1010695_zpsb331e02b.jpg
 photo P1010705_zps0d81e805.jpg
 photo P1010725_zps22d53cd9.jpg
 photo P1010730_zpsb4bd9b69.jpg
 photo P1010736_zps79c749db.jpg
 photo P1010742_zps4812c6cc.jpg

Christmas in Brazil is looking like a hot summer day in Texas, ain't it? Probably one of the most un-Christmas Christmases I've had ... ever! (And yah, it really was as hot as Texas!) 7 of us Texans headed down south on a mini tour of South America for the holidays and like every first timers in Rio, we did the touristy bit. Although truthfully, there isn't much touristy stuff to do other than live the good life 24/7. It's all about the beach, coconut water, (cheap!) acai juice, stunning panoramic views of the city, more beach. One thing that is def quintessentially Rio - the infectious party vibe. Like, all the freakin' time. You Brazilians really know how to live it up! If it weren't for the prices skyrocketing overnight for new year's, we would have stuck around. Heard it gets uber cray-cray. Second only to Carnival! Ah well. One day. Visa's still good!

With that said - Summer Olympics 2016, anyone?

besos ... jin.
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