Friday, August 30, 2013

diy // floral crown.

diy // flower crown.

I love how these floral crowns are making a huge comeback as of recently, sneaking in cameo appearances in music festivals and bridal showers and tea parties and what not. I don't know what it is about them. Perhaps nostalgia (reminds me of me and my sissy's own teeny weeny floral crowns as little Chus'). Maybe part whimsy, cuz ya know, who doesn't like a good make-believe fairytale when daydreaming at that 9 to 5? Well, whatever it is, I'm bringing them back, baby. Here's to unleashing my inner flower child and kicking off the birthday weekend with an uber easy (and cheap!) DIY floral crown. Should make for interesting shots for the upcoming birthday shoot!

diy // flower crown.
diy // flower crown.
diy // flower crown.

Materials // Various plastic flower stems and garland, scissors, floral tape and/or clear tape.

How to // 1. Measure garland by wrapping it around head. Secure garland circle with floral/clear tape and trim off excess garland. // 2. Cut various flowers off plastic stems and add them to the garland, securing them with floral/clear tape. // 3. Work in one direction until done. Or until desired effect.

Note: Not sure if you'll have the same problem as me, but my floral tape kinda sucks. Like, really, really sucky. You know you got bad quality tape (or maybe all floral tapes are like this??) when it starts unraveling halfway through the DIY. Anyways, switching over to clear tape is a quick and inexpensive replacement. Mucho mejor!

diy // flower crown.
besos ... jin.


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    1. thnx, hanhbug! i actually wanted to do a different flower design, but the flowers i wanted were not affordable. =/


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