Thursday, September 5, 2013

family photoshoot // nicole's 2nd birthday party.

family photoshoot // nicole's august birthday party.

It's always a boost of confidence when another photog enthusiast admires your (hopefully) unique camera style and sends emails like '[...] definitely has one of the best eyes for composition that I have ever seen [...]' Wow! And talk about a genuine honor when that fellow photog enthusiast asks you to shoot his daughter's birthday party last month! Seriously, from one photog enthusiast to another, it's truly an honor!

"I am a photography enthusiast and had been pretty impressed with Jin's skills since the first time I saw some of her work. We hired her to take pictures at our daughter's 2nd birthday party and we were extremely pleased with the results. Jin has an incredible eye for composition (one of the most important elements of a good picture) and also manages tone balances very well, not to mention that she loves to work with natural light, which produces great warm/intimate pictures. I highly recommend Jin's work, you will not be disappointed!" - Francisco Tamayo 

Hey! Look at that! My first official testimonial/recommendation! Eee! Muchas gracias, Francisco + family, for the awesomely kind / kindly awesome support!

besos ... jin.
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