Saturday, November 2, 2013

refocus + happy november!


November, y'all. Like, whoa. And, wow. But mostly, whoa.

What the heck happened to 2013?!

You and me both, homie, you and me both. So here we are. Nearing the end of the year. Time to shake things up. Make some changes. Ride off into the sunset and never look back. After a year of testing various ideas and formats for this photoblog, I've come to realize that there are specific creative outlets I'm more passionate about than others. In the beginning I had intentions to do it all. That's right. All! Everything and anything! I am that crazy. Crazy in love with the sights and sounds and scents of life. Fast forward a year later, and while that still holds true to my curious heart, I find that I'm most eager at sharing visual moments in a story-like manner. After all, candid documentary and photojournalistic snaps is the name of my game. Best stick with something that constantly feeds inspiration for my inner Alice in Wonderland creative. So with renewed focus and motivation, 2014 is looking a bit more clearer. And simpler.

besos ... jin.


  1. hmmmm... very cryptic message there, jin doll. Does this mean you're going to simplify life by moving yourself over to wordpress where the party's at? :D

    1. lol! good one, carli, good one! i do have a wordpress account! but it's been years since i've used it. maybe one day when i'm not lazy, i'll make the big switcharoo. =)


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