Monday, December 9, 2013

travel-spiration // heineken's departure roulette.

A random vid found and sent to me, randomly, one random day by JR: "This has you written all over it."

Freakin'. awesome.

Nothing like starting off the week (or ending the year??) with a friendly reminder of your old traveling life. Kinda puts 2014 on a whole new track! Often times in between reality, in fleeting moments, I reminisce about faraway lands and happy memories made with foreign friends. I can still feel it simmering deep down in the heart. That adventurous spirit and curiosity. It hasn't quite left me like I thought it would, what with the shifted life priorities in my 30s taking center stage. Kinda puts things in perspective ... again! Thanks old friend for kicking me in the traveling shins. You have no idea what you've (re)started. 

besos ... jin.
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