Monday, March 3, 2014

diy // photo valentine card.

diy // homemade valentine cards to the girlfriends.

Because nobody does these anymore. Well, I'm reviving and bringing it back, baby. Here's a good ol' fashion homemade Valentine's card made with love coming your way. Sealed, stamped and delivered. (Seriously, who does that anymore??) You know that means a ton of something special if somebody is mailing a handwritten card to ya. Viva La Snail Mail!

diy // homemade valentine cards to the girlfriends.

Materials // Photos. Washi tape. Brown card stock. Double-sided tape or Glue Dots.

diy // homemade valentine cards to the girlfriends.
diy // homemade valentine cards to the girlfriends.

Other than V, the only other 'loves' of my life are my bestest best girlfriends. My confidantes, my backbones, my fellow daydreamers. Sisters from another mother and father. Each and every one of these girls are the complete opposites of me. Why would I want besties exactly like me? That would be boring. And weirdly predictable. But opposites do attract and these rainbow of personalities complement all facets of me. I love you, gals! Y'all inspire me to do this - dreaming and concocting and writing and mailing ... to you! 

besos ... jin.


  1. Thank you for the V-card. I LOVE getting snail mail. Yours brought a smile to our faces! A plus is that we get to keep a piece of your art in our memory box! ;)

    1. quite the shock when ya'll found out it wasn't a baby shower announcement?? (lol! oh, gary.) glad ya'll love it 'cause i really do love making these things for my bestest girlfriends / jincent's favorite people!


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