Saturday, August 9, 2014

hello, august.

hello, august.

So you know how I've said I was gonna go explore the hidden gems of Austin this summer, jumpstart that personal photog project part deux, get weird and shoot to my heart's content? 'Ride this inspo high and run away with it?' Yeeeah. It's freakin' hot out there, yo. Sauna-like. No bueno for this profuse perspirer. (And I mean, profusely profuse.) Stupid insufferable Texas summer heat. A major detail I keep overlooking every year. So here's the deal. I've always dread doing summer photoshoots for clients because of that very reason. But then I get caught up in all the summer hypeness of fun in the sun and beachy wear and cray-cray adventures. I'm so impressionable. Forget all about that enveloping shroud of heavy humidity. Until I'm actually in it. And wallowing in it's misery. Best wait til it dips down below the 90 degree mark, yah? I think so. Still doesn't mean I'm not thinking up ways to get around that yearly problem! (Waking up early? Naaaah!)

besos ... jin.

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