Friday, January 9, 2015

friday C R E A T I V E finds :: i won't let you down by OK go.

Hey, fellow creatives. Feeling notsocreative in this early start of 2015? Press that 'play' arrow already! And brace yourself. 'Cause a major dose of mind-blowing inspiration and motivation is coming your way. Fo'. Reals.

That choreography, tho. NUTS.

Oh, and Happy Friday. =)

besos ... jin.


  1. I love OK GO's music videos! and this one is amaziiiiing. Have you seen the one with the dogs? that's adorable. the song is called "white knuckles"

    1. hi julia! yassss! that dog video is awesome! i'm a fellow dog lover so that made me love the band even more. =) can't get over how ALL their videos are amazingly, jaw-dropping, insanely original!! LOVE.


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