Sunday, April 26, 2015

happy monday.

happy monday.

Current tunes obsession on repeat to help power through those side projects.
Some oldies, but goodies thrown in there at the end.

// Spring Playlist //

Melody - Oliver Heldens
Foolish - Alpine
REALiTi - Grimes
Pray to God - Calvin Harris and HAIM
Fall in Love - Phantogram
Palm of Your Hand (Aerosoul Remix) - Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora
Shell Suite - Chad Valley
I Want Everything - Sneaky Sound System
Relax - Mika

besos ... jin.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


east 6th photowalk.
East 6th Street. November 2014. Photo by Jin Chu-Ferrer.

See that wall? Exactly how my thoughts are. All the freakin' time.

Disorganized. Scattered. Sometimes comprehensible. 
101 creative ideas dancing around each other. And no time to tackle them all.

Had some time to reflect on this photoblog since getting back into the blogging game a few years back. 
Experimented with a few formats, played around with some concepts, re-evaluated creative priorities. 

I learned that I simply can't do it all. 

I also feel that all my interests are not cohesive enough in just one blog. 
Time to switch things up. Try a different approach. Divide and conquer.

So be on the lookout for 3 separate blogs: Photoblog, DIY, Fashion.

And sure, why not? Maybe even a Food blog - 'cause I'm cray like that! 

besos ... jin.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

diy // tissue carnation ampersand.

diy // paper carnation ampersand.

A simple Spring prop for a quick Spring family photoshoot. That's how I roll. (Last-minute DIYers UNITE!) Initially, I had planned to get fancy with the paper flowers. Dahlias. Roses. Peonies. Daisies. Poppies. All of it. Upon making the first of many paper flowers, I've come to realize -- 'I'm running out of time already!!' -- and just stuck with the easiness of paper carnations. In a mere 15 minutes I was done making paper flowers and quickly filling up the Ampersand. (Lazy DIYers UNITE!)

So. It's not all bad changing up the game plan. Less time DIYing, more time playing outdoors. Yeah?
Besides, Spring has finally sprung!

diy // paper carnation ampersand.
diy // paper carnation ampersand.

Materials // Paper Mache Ampersand. X-Acto Knife. Gold Spray Paint. Tissue Paper. String. Scissors. Newspaper.

diy // paper carnation ampersand.
diy // paper carnation ampersand.
diy // paper carnation ampersand.
diy // paper carnation ampersand.

How-To // 1. Using the X-Acto knife, cut out the front part of the Ampersand. // 2. Take out the 'stuffing' found inside the Ampersand. // 3. Go outside. Lay down a few newspaper sheets, plop the Ampersand on top (with the open-side facing the ground) and spray paint away. One layer of spray paint is enough. // 4. As the spray paint dries, make some simple paper carnations! Don't know how? Go here for an uber simple tutorial. I kinda just eyeballed the sizes of the paper flowers until I was satisfied. // 5. Fill the inside of you Ampersand with paper carnations.

diy // paper carnation ampersand.
diy // paper carnation ampersand.

besos ... jin.
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